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October 29, 2011


Ru Temple

This works, and is necessary.
Hearing Star talk, quietly before ritual Saturday evening, about the grass-roots actions being proposed, talked over, voted on, by general assemblies of folks at these Occupy gatherings, sounds to me like some real, and potentially very positive, things will coalesce out of the current chaos inherent in folks coming together with so far perhaps not much more in mind than standing up (or sitting meditation) together to say, we want something different, something better. I'm not in a space to go march in the streets and risk violence or arrest, but I'm watching things unfold with great curiosity, and deeply interested in conversations with thoughtful people of every stripe.
I agree that as with Metta Compassion practice, centering is necessary before one can send one's own light shining outward.
Thank you for shining there.

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