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April 07, 2010


Lynette Jaque

well, I just lost the whole comment I was going to post. :p Ah well, on to the gist:

Parasite panel: most doctors thing they're unnecessary, especially in the US. Bottom line: it saved my life. An adventurous, caring PA ordered one for me when I was being chased down by crushing fatigue and boulders of unusual size (BOUS's ;). Among the ameobic GANG WAR they found in my gut was entameoba hystolitica and e-coli. Lots of bacterial overgrowth, too. My feeling of being so ill and out of control was the toxifying effect of their biproducts for years. No healthy diet in the world will get rid of these dastards, but a course of specified antibiotics.(and concurrent probiotics)

Bottom bottom line is this: has anyone run a comprehensive parasite panel on you? And I mean checking for stuff that's not normally checked for, too. I just wonder if you're not being afflicted by a gang war in your gut.


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