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July 01, 2016


Raymond A Greer

Sandi, thank you for helping me improve my massage skills on knitters. Fiber artists provided me a fresh challenge when I needed it. While a tiny bit sad, this was one heck of a ride,and I was honored you let me ride along with y'all. I look forward to your new adventures and the doors they will open.



Maybe, just maybe I will finish those socks I started when I bought supplies from your opening day celebrations. XO and congratulations for so positively influencing and bringing joy to the lives of so many people.


Maybe, just maybe, I can now come visit you and help you finish those socks! Thank you for all the love and support you have given me across these years. New adventures await!


Ray, you have been an incredible friend and cheer leader to us throughout this crazy journey! Here's to more adventures (and maybe I can stop breaking myself and needing emergency massages - nevermind, we both know *that* won't happen!).

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